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Forecast Models AI/ML vs PDE

Cloudy with a Chance of Error ... 😉

Basic Model Information PDE/AI


DWD    AI-Based Data Assimilation

ECMWF  AIFS         1 2 3 4
Fudan  FuXi         1 2 3 4 5 6
Huawei Pangu        1 2 3 4 5
Huawei Zhiji        1 2 3 4 5 6
Google GraphCast    1 2 3 4 5 6
Google SEEDS Ensbl  1 2
Nvidia FourCastNet  1 2

ECMWF Model Menus IFS and AI/ML

1 Accumulated Precipitation 👍

PDE IFS        Accumulated Precipitation
AI  AIFS       Accumulated Precipitation
AI  FuXi       Accumulated Precipitation
AI  GraphCast  Accumulated Precipitation

2 MSL Pressure/Precipitation

PDE IFS        MSLP Precipitation
AI  AIFS       MSLP Precipitation
AI  FuXi       MSLP Precipitation
AI  GraphCast  MSLP Precipitation

3 Geopotential/Temperature @ LVL selectable

PDE IFS        Geop Temp @ 500 set
AI  AIFS       Geop Temp @ 500 set
AI  FuXi       Geop Temp @ 500 set
AI  GraphCast  Geop Temp @ 500 set

PDE IFS        Geop Temp @ 850 set
AI  AIFS       Geop Temp @ 850 set
AI  FuXi       Geop Temp @ 850 set
AI  GraphCast  Geop Temp @ 850 set

PDE IFS        Geop Temp @ MSL set
AI  AIFS       Geop Temp @ MSL set
AI  FuXi       Geop Temp @ MSL set
AI  GraphCast  Geop Temp @ MSL set

4 Temperature T2m/Wind F10M

PDE IFS        Temp T2m Wind FF10
AI  AIFS       Temp T2m Wind FF10
AI  Pangu      Temp T2m Wind FF10
AI  FuXi       Temp T2m Wind FF10
AI  GraphCast  Temp T2m Wind FF10
AI  4CastNet   Temp T2m Wind FF10

5 Geopotential 500/Temperature 850

AI  AIFS       H500 T850
AI  FuXi       H500 T850
AI  GraphCast  H500 T500

6 MSL Pressure/Wind 850

AI  AIFS       MSLP F850
AI  Pangu      MSLP F850
AI  GCast      MSLP F850
AI  4CastNet   MSLP F850

7 Pressure/Wind @ various levels

AI  AIFS       Pres Wind

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More to come ...